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Barebones computers offer more design and performance flexibility and range to choose from thus our barebones system includes a high quality made case, motherboard, CPU, hard drive, RAM, and power supply.

  • HP Barebone - 1st - 7nth Genration Available
  • Dell Barebone - 1st - 7nth Genration Available
  • Lenovo Barebone - 1st - 7nth Genration Available

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If you’re planning to build your own beast of a gaming PC but don’t have the money to ship in a fully customised rig, a barebones PC is a great place to start. It comes with all the essentials necessary to get you started and allows you to hand-pick all the other components depending on the desired results.

At Aver-Tek, we have a variety of barebones gaming PCs from leading brands, all offering various features and components. Our goal is to provide you with as much diversity as possible to make it easier for you to find the ideal barebones PC from which you can bring your dream gaming rig to life.